For an immediate inch loss where you need it most "The Ultimate Slimming Machine" for men and women. If you want to lose a few extra inches then why not try out the Eurowave. This is an electric firing treatment that specifically targets your problem areas. Pads are positioned on parts of the body that you want to work on, like the stomach, hips or thighs.  Whilst you lie on a couch an electric signal is sent to   these pads via leads. Each signal makes your muscles contract and release as if you were exercising. After just 18 minute session, our tester had lost a total five and half inches stayed off for 5 days.                                                              - Bride & Groom Magazine.

The Proof for before and after results from Real people: Result# 1, Result# 2, Result# 3, Result# 4, Result# 5, Result# 6, Result# 7, Result# 8, Result# 9, Result# 10

It is recommended that 3 sessions are taken in the first week and thereafter 2, are taken per week throughout the duration of your course of treatments for maximum results.


- An Ideal treatment to       reduce Cellulite and remove unsightly bulges                      - Transform the shape of your body                                 - Simply lie back and let Eurowave do the work.      


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